Top 3 Wine Production Countries

Wines are generally created from red grapes or few other berries. There are many kinds of wines manufactured around the world like wine, dark wine and others. The several types will depend on various kinds of grapes utilized to create them.  Because of the boost in passion for good wine, manufacturing and trade of wines has grown lately. Many nations have raised their manufacturing level to satisfy growing demand of quality wines. Here in this post we’re going to show you some countries that produce highest quality wine in huge quantity.

3. Spain


Spain has always been in the race of highest wine manufacturing countries. There is a huge estate in Spain for creating wine which is around 3 million acres. The total creation of wine annually in Spain is normally around 43 million hectoliters. The poor creation of wine than other nations is because of minimal returns. Their farming place is dried out, sterile and incredibly separated which ends in bad yield for wine. For creating high quality wine they plant about 80 kinds of grapes and few famous among them are Palomino, Macabeo, Albarino and Monastrell.

2. France


Every year around 50-60 hectoliters wine is manufactured in France. Of course, none of other country can beat Italy in creating wine but France is on second spot for creating large amount of high quality wine. France has its own varieties of grapes scowl all over the country. The French bottles of wine vary from high priced wines which are supplied throughout the whole world to low cost wines which are supplied only in France. Lately the France drink creating companies have experienced a drop in their income because of the rivalry done by European nations.

1. Italy


Italy may just be the greatest wine manufacturing nation that homes a number of the earliest wine making places. Italian wines are not just preferred in Italy but it’s the most purchased wine worldwide. The wine manufacturing circumstances in Italy are extremely advantageous which has driven Italy as the best wine creating country. Every year about 44 million hectoliters of wine is created and they have more than a million farms for growing grapes all around the country.

So I hope you have the knowledge now about largest wine producing countries and if you were interested in wine then I am sure you must be a fan of red wine, so in case you’d like to read about best brands of red wine then you can surely read my previous post.

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