Valentine’s Day Cake: Top 3

The celebration of Valentine day remains incomplete without a valentine cake. A cake is a must to be served at breakfast or as a dessert after lunch or dinner or sometimes as a main course item in dinner. The taste and flavors of red velvet and chocolate have a great significance on Valentine’s Day to set the right tone of romance. Strawberries give a great value to the idea of Valentine cakes as their shape resembles the heart. The presentation of the cake is equally important. Layered cakes give an attractive look. Full frosting cakes look delicious. The perfect colors to be incorporated in Valentine cakes need to be pink, red and white.

3. Hidden Berry Cream Cheese Torte

Valentine Cake
This cake is one of the most favorite all-time desserts for most people. It has a thick shortbread butter type crust with layers of raspberry jam. The cake is topped with a cream cheese filling. Besides being delicious to eat this cake has an elegant look .It is a perfect dessert that can be served after a sumptuous Valentine dinner. It has a simple recipe and can be made by anyone at home. The texture of the inside cake is smooth and the outside crust is crisp along with a fruity jam layer. The guilt of eating more calories is reduced because it is made of low fat cream cheese.

2. Fudge Gateau

Valentine Cake
Fudge Gateau is like an intensely chocolate, dense and moist chocolate bomb. This dark chocolate cake can be served as the main course in dinner or even as a dessert after a special dinner. The cake is simply made with whipped egg whites added in a rich chocolate batter. It needs to baking powder or baking soda to lighten the batter of the cake. It is a delicious rich cake with number of fresh berries. The flavor of chocolate in the cake is intense and the cake stays moist for many days. It is topped with glazed chocolate or with a scoop of ice cream.

1. Strawberry Mirror Cake

Valentine Cakes
Strawberry Mirror Cake is a challenge that gives a daunting experience for people who love pink color and have a fascination for strawberries. It is the best choice for a cake in the summer. It is light airy and is drowned in the scent of strawberries. The top of the cake is glazed with strawberry mirror (how it gets its name), which is made with strawberry juice mixed with gelatin lemon red color and kirsch. It has a beautiful appearance with pink surroundings and layers of pink in between the white cake, and an f mirror like glazed red on the top.

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