Top 3 richest people in the world in 2013

www.top3world.comMoney to buy everything in this world arena is given as the definition of richness. Fame, popularity and richness are the ‘monetary’ synonyms which can not be completed without the absence of the other. Every year there seems to be a race among the top richest personalities to outdo the other. It’s a way to show the rest that how good they are and how the assimilation of wealth has taken place over the years of their hard work. A royal legacy is maintained by these famous people which intrigue us to find out the top three richest personalities of the world in 2013.

3. Amancio Ortega:
Amancio Ortega

Born in 1936, this Spanish nationality is a fashion executive and holds the position of founding Chairman in ‘Inditex Fashion Group’ having an ownership stake of 60%. In his early teens ‘Ortega’ worked in a local shirt maker’s company and quickly opened his own shop in 1972 (named ZARA) which manufactured bathrobes. ‘Inditex Fashion Group’ is popular for its ‘Zara’ dresses and accessories. ‘Ortega’ always maintained a low profile and made his first public appearances on the eve of its company’s IPO in 2001.With holding over US$57 billion this billionaire holds the third spot of the richest personalities in 2013.

2. Bill Gates:
Bill Gates

‘Bill gates’ has been an impelling name in the list of richest personalities of the world for quite a sometime now. For over a decade the mantle of the richest personality was carried on by ‘Gates’ only to slip now in the second spot after ‘Carlos Slim Helu’ took over his position since 2010. Born in 1955, this American tycoon holds the current Chairmanship in the world’s largest software company and donates a considerable amount to the charitable trust of, ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’. At the age of 17 he was involved in a venture named ‘Traf-O-Data’ and it was specialized in traffic counting done through the ‘Intel 8008 Processor’. Although Gates received a lot of flak for his business ideology but he remained one of the best known impresario holding forte at a net worth of over US$67 billion.

1. Carlos Slim Helú
Carlos Slim Helú

This is the fourth consecutive time when ‘Carlos Slim Helu’ has been awarded as the top richest personality of the world. Born in 1940, this Mexican ‘big shot’ started of his journey in the field of business right at the age of 17 when he used to earn 200 pesos a weak. The initial lesson of business was taught by his father and today he holds a monstrous tag in the ‘Telecom industry’, keeping aside the numerous ownership stakes of other companies. His own company ‘América Móvil’ was named as the biggest mobile phone conveyer in 2010. He was honored as the first President of ‘Latin American Committee’ of NYSE administration council from 1996 to 1998. A country where average per capita per year is around US$14500 and nearly 17% of the population lives in poverty ‘Carlos Slim Helu’ ‘holds a net worth of around US$73 billion.

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