Top 3 best mini laptops

The advancement in technologies brings forth the latent needs of consumers. The portable laptops which replaced the bulky desktops served many useful purposes. But now simple laptops have become outdated by incoming of tablets and ultra portable mini laptops. The 11.6 inch mini laptops can be considered as powerful device in a small package fulfilling all the functions of normal laptops without any hassle. The surge in the mini laptops often creates confusion in the minds of consumers to make an effective decision. The difference

The mini version is useful in many respects. It provides longer battery life along with the ultra-portability which is most important feature. The trusted brands have launched many devices with just a slight difference.

Jotting down Top 3 involves a very discerning eye judging the specifications as well as consumer demand. My ratings are based on the varying types of customers. Customers can go for budget mini laptops serving the basic functions while some may prefer stylish ones with touch screens emulating the tablets. Premium laptops are also available if you don’t have shelling out money from your pocket.

3. Chromebooks

Top 3 mini Lpatops

Acer and Samsung are producing chromebooks at an affordable price of just $ 199 and $249 respectively. Chromebooks are more useful if you are connected to the internet but it can very well satisfy your offline needs with the same perfection. They don’t have windows software but are restricted around Google web services. The storage can be done online which is convenient since you are actually not worried even if your computer crash down.

I would suggest Samsung chromebook because it is far sleeker, lighter and better equipped than its counterparts. It offers a USB 3.0 port which is missing in Acer. It has longer battery life and 3G version is also available. It weighs just 2.4 pounds and thickness is 0.7 inches. It is backed by a Samsung propriety processor with 16 GB of internal storage capacity.

2. HP Pavilion DM1

Top 3 mini Lpatops
HP Pavilion DM1

HP comes up in the cadre with Pavilion dm1 which incorporates all the features with a proper price tag. This is actually a value for money device. It offers AMD E series processors which are faster than other AMD series. It uses 6 cell battery life of 8 hrs and is supported by several storage options. The internal memory is 4-8 GB and also sports a USB 3.0 ports along with wireless and Bluetooth network. This is worth buying with a price tag of $ 379. It is available in variety of colors.

1. Asus Zenbook UX21

Top 3 mini Lpatops
Asus Zenbook UX21

The top slot would go to Zenbook family manufactured by Asus.
It has intel core i5 processors with a memory of 4-8 GB and internal SSD storage of 128-256 GB. Battery life gets a little affected when the instruments are loaded with such heavy processors (4 hrs) which can be neglected when you are getting a mini laptop at par with Apple’s ultra portable at an affordable price of just $999. Premium range 11.6 inches laptops are a bit pricier but if you compare it with Apple laptops then you would be satisfied that you are getting the same features at affordable prices.

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