Top 3 Best Ice Augers in 2013

There are a lot of well-made ice augers available for all types of fishermen to choose from. The best part about all of these options is that you really can’t go wrong with any of them! Technology has come a long way and that means most companies are creating solid augers that work well.

But, if you want to fish with the best, then you’ll want to know which companies make the best ice augers. Experts have rated these and used them first hand to determine which are the best of the best.

Here are the top 3 ice augers you should consider when you’re getting ready to purchase one new!

3. Jiffy Ice Auger

Jiffy 4G Model 41
Jiffy 4G Model 41

The Jiffy 4G Model 41 Power auger is a popular model because it’s strong and it’s reliable. It’s gasoline powered and has a 4-stroke OHV commercial grade engine inside of it. This doesn’t require you to mix fuel and it starts in the coldest of weather temperatures. The heavy duty clutch transfers energy and provides additional torque when you need it the most. The blades on this auger also last around three times longer than other blades available. They even come with a limited three year warranty. If you want fast cutting, these work 25% faster than other cutters. The price for this auger is around $500 and can be found online or in some supply stores.

2. Nils Master Ice Auger

Nils Master Ice Auger
Nils Master Ice Auger

Want to cut through 20 inches of ice in a minute or less? If so, this is an ice auger you should consider! Expert fisherman in Finland say this is the best auger out there because it’s so strong and so durable. The blades are made with chromium and are sharp so they can cut through even the coldest of ice. As you turn this auger the ice chips that come loose will actually funnel upwards, which means it’s easy to continue drilling without starting over again. The handle can easily be folded down if you want to transport this around with you easily. The light blue color also looks great and will stand out when you’re looking for it.

1. HT Enterprises Polar Fire Ice Auger

HT Enterprises Polar Fire Ice Auger
HT Enterprises Polar Fire Ice Auger

This power ice auger is designed to be extremely powerful, but also easy to use. Its high performance provides you with 3 horsepower, a two-cycle engine and a lot of torque. It can cut through ice easily and quickly so you’re not wasting any time. There are foam handles at the top to provide you with comfort and to cut down on vibrations. This also prevents sore hands so you can get through the rest of your day comfortably. The design of this offers a center-ring as well as a running ball transmission. These features of the design make it easy to control where and how you are cutting. The gas tank is also easily seen so you can determine when you need to re-fuel. There is a muffler guard as well as a blade protector to make this a safe ice auger. It’s EPA approved, comes with a two-year warranty and weighs 32 pounds.

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