Top 3 best bridal dresses in 2013 (Western)

In the western countries wedding dresses generally remain in the form of gown’s which newly wedded brides robe. In these foreign countries religion, culture and wedding parties play a major force while selecting the color and style of the gowns. White wedding gowns are still considered heavily during the marriage ceremonies. In the earlier ages brides from the upper hierarchy wore dresses which were luscious in texture and contained exclusive fabrics while brides on the lower sections of the society could only wear their best church dresses. However in this modern era more than half of the newly wedded brides wear sleeveless and strapless gowns as they are easier to fit and requires less designing skills. We will discuss the top three wedding dresses for ladies who are from the western part of the world:

3. Bella wedding dress

Best bridal dress
Bella wedding dress

Perfect example of recreating movie sequences in to the real life scenario. “Bella wedding attire” brings a satisfactory bliss in the minds of all women when they get reminded of the wedding sequence in the movie “Twilight”. So what is so special of this kind of dresses? Firstly it promotes that every kind of woman can wear this dress although one of the downers do remain on getting such kind of dresses; online as well as in local stores these dresses are hard to get. The dress is formed out of “tartan” and the covering of the dress is done with lace. A romantic touch is evident from the making of it and with long sleeves it takes the girls to an ethnic trip, thereby formulating a perfect recipe for its success. The price of the dress is on the higher side as it ranges anywhere between US$30K to US$35K.

2. Empire waist wedding dress

Empire waist wedding dress
Empire waist wedding dress

Out of the numerous wedding dresses in the market “Empire waist wedding dress” can preferably be chosen as a comfortable bridal collection. The dress begins with a lower bust level while the waist level remains on the higher side. The bottom level remains on a straighter line giving a perfect fit to the newly wedded bride. The dress is without straps and the sleeves are not at a great distance. Few more advantages are clearly noticeable for this kind of dresses; girls with lower bust can easily conceal their figure and can project larger bust; girls can also look taller and slimmer; girls with overweight and pregnant belly can easily hide their problematic areas without having to do too much. Various online shopping centers are selling this dress at an average price of US$250 to US$300.

1. Ivory Bridal Dress

Ivory Bridal Dress
Ivory Bridal Dress

The best day for any girl is easily said to be her marriage day. To wear a white gown generally remained the common perception of brides as it indicated ‘virginity’. However in the later years it was discovered that wearing white simplified wealth and hence during marriage days brides were given the freedom of wearing any color of their choice. Here only the “Ivory Bridal attire” scores heavily over others, as it does not deviate too much from the white color and thus provide a perfect match for the bright skin toned bride. The color remains on the mellower side although the shine remains enough for everyone to recognize who the bride is. The dress is generally strapless in nature and the length of the dress can be longer as well as shorter giving a comfortable feel to the bride. The price is usually affordable as these dresses can be bought at a minimal range of US$300 to a whopping range of US$3000.

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