Top 3 Super Hit Bollywood Movies of 2012

The top Bollywood movies 2012 racked up an impressive box office haul, with the year being the first time that eight films grossed more than 100 crore domestically in the same year.

3. Agneepath

Agneepath Bollywood Movie

Agneepath” finished as the third highest grossing among Bollywood movies for the year 2012. “Agneepath” was the first film of 2012 to surpass the 100 crore mark and was highest opening day gross of all-time, until eventually losing out to “Ek Tha Tiger”.

“Agneepath” begins with the murder of a respected school teacher that opposed the creation of a drug mafia in the small village. Years later the grown son of the teacher, Vijay, has lived a life of violence in his pledge to avenge his father’s murder. Vijay eventually eliminates the leaders of his own drug gang in order to deal directly with Kancha, the man that murdered his father and is aiming at taking control of Mumbai’s drug trafficking. After the killing of Vijay’s newly we wife, he finally gets his vengeance on Kancha by hanging from the same tree his father was hanged from.

The film was a major commercial success domestically as well as internationally, becoming the twelfth highest international ever for top Bollywood movies.

2. Rowdy Rathore

Rowdy Rathore Bollywood Movie

Rowdy Rathore” was the second highest grossing film of 2012, setting the record for highest gross for any movie opened on a non-holiday.

The film tells the story of Shiva, a small time thief that falls in love with a young woman in Mumbai. His final heist leads a confused incident in which Shiva is mistaken as an unknown girl’s father and is targeted to be killed. After the girl’s real father is killed, Shiva determines to settle the score and make things right with the men that killed her father.

The film grossed a total of 133 Crore domestically, after collecting steady huge amounts for five straight weeks. It was the second film of 2012 to pass the 100 crore mark and was the highest grossing until the release of “Ek Tha Tiger”.

1. Ek Tha Tiger

Ek Tha Tiger Bollywood Movie

Ek Tha Tiger” finished at the top of the 2012 box office with 186 crores grossed domestically in India and 307 Crore worldwide. The 31.93 crore grossed on the first day was a 40% increase over the previous record holder, “Agneepath”, which was released earlier in the year.

The plot follows an Indian spy, Tiger, as he tracks Pakistani ISI agents. While observing an Indian scientist believed to be delivering scientific information to the Pakistanis in Dublin, Ireland he falls in love with a young woman named Zoya, whom he later discovers to be an ISI agent. Eventually their love drives them to forsake their allegiances to country and escape to other countries where they are free to love one another.

The film succeeded in breaking the opening day and opening weekend box office records as well as becoming the second highest grossing Bollywood movie of all-time. “Ek Tha Tiger” also collected more than US $10.75 million at the end of its run, making it among the top international earners for Bollywood movies.

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