Top 3 Smartest Breeds of Dogs

Dogs are surely labeled as the greatest and loyal associate of a man. Here in this post we have categorized smartest dogs according to their breed. Many specialists try to create combined breed of dogs to make them more perfect and effective. We recently posted a list of most dangerous dogs breed and that is what got me idea of posting this list of smartest dog breeds. You cannot speculate the value and fabulous connection with dog unless you own it. Anyways, in this post we’re going to reveal top 3 smartest breeds of dogs.

3. German Shepherd


This breed of dog is utilized mostly due to its cleverness. These are fairly intelligent, strong, brave and also protecting. These are generally utilized as cover and police canines. Their body includes two fold layers which includes a heavy flat coat along with a bit curly and thick internal coat. Their normal height is about 24-26 inches. They are conveniently available in many colors and are extremely loyal and friendly to their family and home.

2. Poodle


Poodles are extremely sharp oriented and welcome real company. They can also be the best pet dogs for kids. The layer masking themselves is really compact, rough, crisp and also highly defensive. These are typically viewed as the only most acquiescent and faithful breed of dog. They can indeed be fairly attracted to hunting, running and swimming. Their normal lifetime is around 13-15 years. They like taking part in household adventures and appreciate the company of various other animals and kids.

1. Border Collie


Collie may just be the best breed of dog due to its cleverness and also maximum strength. Their body is lengthier compared to their tail and have moderate looks. They come in various colors and also in several mixtures of solid colors. They are extremely accommodating and faithful to their owners. Lifespan of Border Collie is around 10-15 years.

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