Top 3 Safest Places in United States

Well, everyone wants to live in a place where is safe and reliable. These days there are many risky and dangerous places around the world where no one would love to reside. We all know there are many people all over the world which can be dangerous and no one really wants to live with them. So here in this post we’re going to reveal top 3 safest places in America and if you already live there then consider yourself lucky.

3. Brick Township


Brick Township is the area situated in NJ along with people close to 75 thousand. In this town you’ll find about 95% of Caucasians and Brick town is one of the biggest local governments of the United States. This town was founded in 1850 by New Jersey legislative assembly and today it is among the safest cities in United States.

2. Amherst


Amherst is the place located in Erie country and has the population of around 120k people. Last year this city was listed in the list of best cities to reside in by a huge finance website CNNMoney. This city is among those places where every young American wants to hang out. It is one of the largest and most populated communities of NYC. New York University is also situated in this area of state.

1. Newton


Newton surely is one of the safest cities in the world and is located in Massachusetts. Its population is around 85k citizens and around 80% of them are Caucasians. This place is exactly in the middle of New York. There are more than 12 villages within this city and they are being served by MBTA with bus service, light rail and commuter rail. Newton from always has been the safest and best place to live peacefully. This place is blessed with many great sites such as Crystal Lake, West Parish and few more.

And in case if you are about get married and looking for a nice place to settle in then you can surely go with one the above listed cities as they are the safest places in US. Also if you’d like to look for a nice place to get married then you can find that out in my last post. Anyways, there are also some most haunted places in United States which you must avoid them at all costs.

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