Top 3 Must See Places in Canada

I have to admit that Canada is definitely an ideal, rewarding and most welcoming place in the world. A lot of people say that Canada’s cities are the best cities in the world but the actual fact is truly different. If you’ve been in Canada before, then I am pretty much sure that you’ll agree with me on this list. So let’s stop wasting time and check out the list of best and must see places in Canada.

3. Montreal


One of the best and most popular cities in Canada is Montreal. It has an entirely different and most amazing life style along with the best restaurants in the world. It may just be the most favorite place of travelers from all around the world. This city is mostly filled with French people and after Paris in Montreal; French language is used by a large number of people. Many people compare it with other cities of Canada but Montreal is one of its kind and totally unique in its own view.

2. Banff


Banff is a compact however a little overloaded city of Canada. The most discovering destination in Canada towards nature is definitely Banff. Basically everyone loves it and term it as calling of nature. Almost every month of a year there is something new to discover in Banff about nature. This spot is also in the middle of nature and is surely among the must see places of Canada.

1. Lake Louise


As you can see that photo above shows everything about the place. This lake is located deep inside the Canadian rocks beside the huge tortoise structure. I know that many would not agree with me about this place being on top of best places in Canada but trust me this is the most attractive spot in Canada and place itself will distract you. Nearby this lake there are plenty of sites to camp and have fun, so if you go to vacation there with a tent then you can enjoy your time there.

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