Top 3 Must Learn Programming Languages 2013

A programming language is undoubtedly a synthetic language that is utilized for interaction amongst a person and a computer. It absolutely manages the actions of a computer. Nowadays, these computer languages have grown to be a vital for career in Information Technology. There are many programming languages being used at present. Very common and real question that hits a regular mind is which one to select or to understand to start off. The easiest solution to it can be to get started with those which are in demand today. And here we have a list of top 3 must learn programming languages which will undoubtedly help you with selecting the best computer programming languages.

These listed below programming languages are the ones which are most advised to learn and here we have a list of best computer programming languages of 2013.

3. Java


Java was created by James Gosling and it has been ranked as the best computer coding language of all time. It makes use of JVM for rendering of applications. This can help an individual to operate a software program on just about any computer with JVM running on it. Operator need not rewrite it. It is advisable for everyone these days to learn this computer language. And that’s the reason Java is taught to all students in IT colleges these days.

2. C++

C++ language

C++ was created by Bjarne Stroustrup. Like the title by itself indicates, this is just another update of C computer programming language. This is usually a language that is certainly very easy to understand, valuable in numerous situations and also useful in getting suitable work. C++ is likely to pull in a number of the people due to its simple programming and a well crafted programming. C++ possesses awesome pace that can precisely allow us to track down just about any problem. A cc compiling program in C++ usually takes us straight to the line that has the mistake. C++ can be quite awkward but it is still deemed as the best programming language.

1. C


Created by Dennis Ritchie, this particular language is essential because it is the starting point for all other computer programming languages. A begin in development industry will never be much better than beginning it with the help of C. This particular language has achieved the most recognition because it is very easy to understand and even utilized in plenty of industries. This computer language can function in Microsoft Windows and it additionally works on alternative OS’s such as Ubuntu, UNIX and Linux. Therefore this particular language needs to be discovered right before thinking of learning any other highly complex programming language.

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  1. I’m trying to learn java from couple of weeks now, but it’s driving me crazy and I think I’ll give up with that and start learning C++ since it is the most preferred computer programming language in 2013.

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