Top 3 Most Secured Prisons in the World

Prisons or you might know them as Jails are not any less than hell. Occasionally the violence in the jails is uncovered in magazines. One situation took place in United States with Afghani convict. Later on it was eventually answered by the government that criminals are usually handled in rough situations to retain safety in house. Anyways, today in this post we’re going to talk about most secured prisons in the world and if you’d like to see the worst prisons in the world, I have already wrote about it. In these prisons human liberties are maintained however they receive the correct treatment for their criminal acts and they don’t even think about setting themselves free because that is not really possible. The rating will be based upon 3 criteria, amount of security level, amount of security guards and also electronic monitoring.

3. Alcatraz Island Prison


Alcatraz Island Prison keeps the heritage to be the legend. Even though it had been sealed in 1963 immediately after its violence with bad guys had been uncovered but still it keeps the record of not letting anyone getaway from there in 43 years. In 43 years not even a single prisoner tried to escape from this prison. Actually those bad guys were clever enough to never do this type of silly thing since the jail is in the middle of sea. Other than Alcatraz Island Prison it also has few more names such as "The Devil’s Island" and "The Rock". This prison is not active right now but still its work can be seen in many old movies.

2. La Sante Prison


This particular prison is known for its violence with criminals. However the jail officers refuse the states. In the year 2002 more than 120 prisoners in this jail committed suicide. People were so mad after this incident and investigation was started about this matter and after that we found out that all those prisoners were trying to escape and were trapped in a tunnel from where they simply could not come out. Despite the fact that in the year 2003, seventy three more prisoners died and after that France government decided to shift all those prisoners to different jail. This is the only prison in the world from where prisoners were transferred for their own safety.

1. ADX Florence


According to Guinness Book of World Records, ADX Florence is the most secured prison in the world. This jail is known as the dark house among prisoners and bad guys. While residing in this prison they are not even able to see moon or sun. Its security is of world class level and no one can go see the cells of prisoners. Those prisoners are not even permitted to come out of their cell. Meals are offered by the assistance of security guards and according to reports prisoners don’t even see each other for years. So in case you think about doing something bad, just imagine yourself into this prison house and I am sure you’ll turn into a good guy by just imagining yourself in this situation.

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