Top 3 Most Haunted Places in United States

If you believe that god exists then I am sure you also believe that demons exist too. You must have heard many stories about places which are claimed to be haunted. Here in this post we have reviewed couple of places in United States which supposed to be extremely terrifying and haunted. America continues to be the most strewn place with obsessed and haunted type of places in the world. So let’s stop wasting time and get started with thorough sight of places which have been regarded as creepiest and haunted in United States.

3. Winchester Mansion, California


A common American house that has been constantly been under development for a very long time, Winchester Mansion is surely one of the most haunted places in United States. It had been the house of widowed woman named Sarah Winchester and now it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. Actually there have been opinions that this mansion had been built according to her dead husband who was called back using some tricks of black magic. Now this huge mansion has about 160 rooms and 110 of them are for public. Over time, events related to existence of ghost were noticed and mentioned.

2. Queen Mary, California


There was a huge ship even bigger than Titanic ship which was initially installed in the year 1930 on John Brown’s yacht spot in Clyde. And now after so many years it has been successfully turned into a deluxe hotel. Now this hotel is mostly known as the place where ghosts and their families reside. More than enough stories and tales about ghosts have been experienced and sensed in this place with enough proofs that clearly prove these stories are true. Existence of a tall young man is mentioned usually.

1. The White House, Washington


Yeah, I know that you must be quite surprised to see The White House topping this list of most haunted places in United States. There are numerous stories of ghosts seen in White House such as ghost of "Lady Abigail Adams" and many more ghosts have been seen floating around. Also last year someone saw the ghost of Abraham Lincoln too. People who work in White House keep reporting these kinds of incidents time to time. I am aware that not many people would believe this, but I don’t mind about that. And in case you are going to meet President then you can find out yourself.

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  1. Lol, seriously? White House? Then why all presidents want to go live there? I have heard before about queens mary ship, but never knew that White House is also haunted place..

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