Top 3 Most Favorite Ice Cream Flavors of 2013

Ice creams, the term is actually so attractive that it receives extremely charming share of spit travelling through your mouth. There are many famous ice cream flavors these days and I am sure you must be familiar with Chocolate, Vanilla, Black Currant and Strawberry. These are the most common flavors which you can get easily at any ice cream parlor, but listed below are the most favorite and must taste ice cream flavors. So set your goal for 2013 and go look for these ice cream flavors listed below and I am sure you’d come back here to thank me. Anyways, enough of intro, let’s get started with the list of top 3 most favorite ice cream flavors of 2013.

3. Phish Food

Phish Food Ice Cream Flavor

At this time, this particular ice cream flavor possesses a rocking tale. Phish is an accomplished notable rock group that partnered with Ben and Jerry from Australia so they can use this name for their ice cream flavor. This particular ice cream is truly unbelievable due to the reason that each time somebody buys a phish food, a portion of the price is used to supply food to fishes in Lake Champlain. So I guess now you understand why they call it “Phish Food”.

2. Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey Ice Cream Flavor

In the event you have five minutes, three bananas and additionally one spoon of honey, I’ve got an idea, let’s make the most amazing ice cream of all time. The Chunky Monkey ice cream was first started in Australia and now it’s known worldwide. And the best thing about this ice cream is anyone can easily make it, because it doesn’t need any ice cream maker.

1. The Pistol

The Pistol Ice Cream Flavor

This ice cream flavor is also loved by people who extremely hate ice creams or any other cold thing. This particular ice cream flavor covers healthy stimulants such as ginkgo, guarana and arginine, so basically this flavor is presented using a supply of La Fee Absinthe. This ice cream flavor costs around $15 per cup and is the initial design of Icecreamists that are from London. People are really confused, what makes this ice cream so favorite, whether it’s the taste, name or creators of this ice cream flavor.

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