Top 3 Most Expensive Buildings in the World

You have been acquainted with properties which are amazing to see, as well as those which provide the greatest comforts. Anyways, other than being an attraction for people, building price can nevertheless be deemed to be affordable, seeing that building costs were not that high to start with. Even though there are companies and organizations which lower expenses to take full advantage of an investment in natural properties, here are those who have to splurge cash to develop structures which get noticed. So here in this post you’ll see top 3 most expensive buildings in the world.

3. Taipei 101


Going to the Taipei 101 has to be among the simple things you must understand when speaking about Taiwan. Considering that, it appears high in the Xinyi area and it is known as ideal building owning the air. Actually, back in the day it was tallest skyscraper on earth till Burj Khalifa developed. Very similar to the Bank of America structure in NY, Taipei in addition has its developing price of 1.75 billion dollars expressed because of its concept and design of becoming natural building.

2. Antilla


While you head over to roads of Southern Bombay, you will find just one building which will grab your interest, because the appearance is amazing and is totally different from other buildings around. And additionally simply because it is twenty seven floors tall, you might even consider it as a marketing or industrial business building. However in your surprise, you discover that Antilla is private house of Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest men in the world. Development of this building was pried at $2 billion and not just that, there are about 600 staff workers in this building. This home is also one of the most expensive homes in the world.

1. The Shard


This latest fascination in London can be acclaimed as the highest priced building in the world. Overall size of this building is around ninety five floors tall and total amount to develop it was nearly 4 billion dollars. In the year 2002 this structure was built under the orders of PM John Prescott. People said that the Prime Minister has seen the next generation of city in the London.

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