Top 3 Most Expensive Motorcycles in the World – 2013

Motorcycles are really something which can make anyone go crazy. There are actually so many individuals now who are purely passionate about motorcycles. There actually are numerous motorcycles which are in stock in the stores now with various kinds of styles and benefits. Individuals have bikes according to their investment and requirements. Here we have listed the most expensive bikes of 2013 and well I am not really sure if these bikes and comfort is worth the money as they are so freaking expensive.

3. ECOSSE Titanium Series

ECOSSE Titanium Series Expensive Bike 2013

This bike definitely is among the most expensive bikes in the world and one can buy it for roughly around 300k US dollars. There was a time when this bike was the most expensive bike in the world, but as you know time changes and of course prices too. This bike is a modified model of Ecosse Titanium Series RR which was earlier in the stores. ECOSSE Titanium Series is geared up with light weight aluminum system which aids in in creating a grand 225 horse power. As the name suggests this awesome bike has been manufactured by Ecosse.

2. NCR Macchia Nera

NCR Macchia Nera Expensive Bike 2013

NCR Macchia Nera is exclusively designed by veteran engineer Aldo Drudi and this fabulous super motorbike is created by NCR. Finally it hits the market after a long time as it was showcased by NCR in 2003. All the parts of this super bike are made by titanium and weight of this bike is only 135 Kg. It has the engine of Ducati which can easily create 180 horse powers. It also has fully automated electronic gearbox and fuel tank made with carbon fiber.

1. Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk Expensive Bike 2013

As you guys expected Dodge Tomahawk is the most expensive bike in 2013. This super bike was developed by Dodge. Their first bike of this concept was first revealed in the year 2003 at Detroit. This bike costs roughly around 560k US dollars and even after having that much money it is quite difficult to get this bike. It has a grand valve engine which can easily create 500 horse powers and this bike is also known for having the highest fuel capacity in the market.

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