Top 3 Celebrities who were Fat

Usually celebrities and famous people look extremely dashing and beautiful and all their fans go crazy mostly just because of their looks. Whenever people talk about celebrities first thing which pops in their mind is, their beautiful face, attractive eyes, perfect figure and flawless skin. Yeah, I know you must be thinking that exactly how come they are all perfect, were they born perfect? Actually, no, no one was born perfect, it’s their hard work and diet what made them perfect. Many famous celebrities were fat in past but today they are one of the hottest men/women on earth. Anyways, in this post we’re going to show you top 3 celebrities who were fat earlier and I really hope that this post will motivate you in case you are fat.

3. Tara Reid


Of course she is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world and you must have seen her in many movies. First she was seen in movies in late 90s which you might remember now, but for sure you remember her from American Pie movie series. Yeah, while in movies she looks fit and she maintains herself very strictly. But this 37 years old actress wasn’t fit from the time she was born, now you must be confused about the above picture of teenage girl, but let me clear your thoughts, yeah that’s none other than Tara Reid and she was pretty much fat in her early days and has recently got back into perfect shape.

2. Kate Winslet


Kate Winslet is definitely another example of how actresses actually were before they became famous. Yeah, I am talking about the same girl you saw in Titanic movie and other fantastic Hollywood movies such as "The Reader", "Heavenly Creatures", and "Sense and Sensibility". Well, she wasn’t really perfect from always, she actually was kind of chubby during her school days and her hard work has got her where today she is.

1. Jenny Farley


The biggest example of becoming perfect from fat is surely Jenny Farley. When we saw her first in MTV’s Jersey Shore, we all were "wow" just because of amazing figure and perfect measurements. At that time, she was definitely the dream girl of almost everyone and who would have ever thought that this perfect shaped girl Jenny Farley was fat during her school days. Yeah, I know she looks really fat in picture and she must have worked really hard to move that fat.

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