Top 3 Countries with Highest Suicide Rate – 2013

God has given us only one life to live and no one is allowed to ruin it just because you failed in life, committing suicide is definitely a crime and no matter what happens, people must not even think about it because you never know what you might face after life, it can be much worse than this. But sadly suicide rate is increasing every year around the world and there is one suicide reported in every 40 seconds.

Mostly reason behind suicides is alcohol, harassment and many other problems. Anyways, recently World Health Organization revealed their data of suicide rates according to country to help them, so here I have made a list of top 3 countries with highest suicide rates in 2013 and the number you’ll see of suicides is according to the total number of popular in that country.

3. Belarus


Suicide rate in Belarus is around 40 every 100,000 according to the recent calculate. People in Belarus got freedom in 1990 from Soviet Union, but still officials there are following the rules and policies of Soviet which is making life of citizens there like hell. In Belarus, mostly only men are committing suicides and not much women. It is predicted that reason behind these suicides is surely alcohol and therefore government in Belarus should put a ban on alcohol industries and manufacturers.

2. Russia


Russia is on the second spot in our list of countries with highest suicide rates. Around 40 people suicide in Russia from every 100,000. In Russia we can’t say that men commit more suicides or women, but what we have found is that most of them are teenagers. According to Psychiatrists this suicides are happening because of alcohol abuse, violence and worst parenting.

Most of parents in Russia simply avoid being questioned and punish their kids for questioning. This can be a big problem especially in a huge country like Russia. And there is rarely anyone who helps others and even families hate to share their issues with others. So basically these are the reasons behind the highest suicide rate in Russia and youngsters there trusted that suicide is a better way to finally end these problems.

1. Lithuania


It must be really sad for people who live in Lithuania to hear that their country has the highest suicide rate in the world and its getting worse every day. Around 50 people from 100,000 suicide in Lithuania every year which is really stunning. They got freedom from Soviet Union in the year 1990 after a long struggle, but still their condition is bad and suicide rate is increasing every year.

In fact, economy is not the problem there, but it is their government who fails to do their work properly. Officials in Lithuania must be really lazy because people who are admitted in hospital there, are released same night without any police records or logical thinking. It seems that they just don’t care about their country or people over there committing suicides.

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  1. glad to see that India is not in this list, last time I checked some list of top highest suicide rate countries there was India somewhere and it made me feel really sad.. ohh, I think it was top 10 list and this one is top 3, so yeah India must be still there in top 10 list..

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