Top 3 Celebrities with Highest Twitter Followers

Even before social network websites developed into success, people were absolutely sociable. Even just in earlier times of human world, communications with locals, and stretching assisting hands were a part of social connections. Only change we observe from earlier and from now on may just be the growth of technologies. The development of Pinterest, Facebook, and indeed, the expanding users of Twitter which is a method to inform our buddies regarding our statuses, feeling, and also creating friendship with others. Furthermore, the majority of the highly successful people, vocalists, as well as other popular men and women choose Twitter rather than Facebook. Actually, it gets a station for admirers to follow their heroes. Anyways, in this post we’re going to show you top 3 famous celebrities with highest number of Twitter followers.

3. Katy Perry


Katy Perry just now returned from Barak Obama’s startup; however those that have observed her without her partner, John Mayer, had been already in doubts if an issue occurred between them. No one can truly guess because all of us saw the couple joined the 2nd pledge of American President, however undoubtedly, all could be observing her on the Twitter, and notably that she’s got almost 32 million followers which positioned her towards the third celebrity with highest Twitter followers. She actually is quite active also due to her 5k tweets whilst following just 118 people.

2. Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga preserved the term of Twitter Queen for more than 2 years, but according to current Twitter followers count, Justin Bieber grabbed that place by exceeding her amount of fans. She carries 33.4 million followers whilst following about 135k people and maintaining 2.5k productive tweets. She is obtaining way too much attention not only from other vocalists, but also from many other successful people and that is just because of her songs she had wrote in past.

1. Justin Bieber


Not too long ago, Justin Bieber’s video from YouTube which had gotten the highest views has become grabbed away from him due to the quick trend and impression that Psy unveiled in our society with Gangnam Style. Then, he has seized from the title of Twitter Queen from Lady Gaga, as he hit about 34 million twitter followers, so you can notice that he is truly participating in this particular social networking website since he is the sole star here who has made more than 20k tweets whilst following around 125k people. It may be the result of his breakup with Selena Gomez, which has tossed criticisms and also whacking on Twitter.

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