Top 3 Best TV Shows of All Time

There are many TV shows today, and that’s the reason it becomes so hard to find the best and great ones. And of course, not everyone likes the same TV show and everyone prefers a different show at some point. In past few years, many TV series came and gone, and those TV shows introduced many actors and actresses to us who perform in Hollywood movies today. Recently we posted a list of Best TV Reality shows of all time and I thought now it’s the time for best and great TV shows of all time, yeah that’s right "All Time" and not “Reality Shows”, so be prepared to see some old great comedy shows in the list.

3. All in the Family


If we talk about TV shows that had been ahead in time then there is no show that can beat "All in the Family". It surely was a great show focused on the old man of Bunker family. Carroll O’Connor played the role or Archie Bunker who was a lovely bigot worker. Best parts in this show were the conversations of family and most especially the interactions between Archie and "Meathead".

2. I Love Lucy


I just feel sad for those who missed this greatest TV show of all time. "I Love Lucy" was aired in 1951 and people who weren’t born before that missed out some quality fun. There are many comedy TV series these days that show us similar story, but undoubtedly "I Love Lucy" was one of its kind TV series. Ricky Ricardo and Lucille Ball played the lead roles in this show and their life was totally jumping from one challenge to another. This awesome comedy show lasted for six years and it clearly was a plenty of pleasure in that time.

1. Seinfeld


Seinfeld is among the best classic TV shows, lead role was played by Jerry Seinfeld and what can I tell you about his comedy, just YouTube it if you have enough time and I am sure you’d come back to thank me. This show lasted 9 years and it was certainly the most watched TV series of all time. In this program, they displayed the lives of Elaine, Jerry, Kramer and George and they taught us how much of stupid and selfish people can be at the times. It was first started in the year 1989 and was finally terminated in 1998, but still it continues today through show quotes and parodies.

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