Best Soccer Player in 2017

Remember the time when you called in sick to watch the game of football, or considered sitting in front of the TV, with a pizza and a beer way more relaxing than socializing? Yeah, Football, or Soccer, whatever you prefer, does to a lot of people. But what makes the game more interesting that jersey number you keep looking for on the field, the excitement when your favorite player scores a goal, the tiny wiggle dance that we all do watching our favorite footballer, creating magic on the field.

2017 has seen some great football matches, goals were scored, and records were broken. The ascension of the top three footballers of 2017 has been extremely glorious and eventful.

Lionel Messi, are you a fan too? High five mate. Considered as the greatest footballer of all time, this man has achieved wonders merely by the age of 30. The shining star of FC Barcelona, he has brought home 29 trophies, including La Liga championship (8 times) and Champions League crown (4 times). Securing himself the topmost position in the football world, Messi continues to rule all our hearts.

Wondering who the second one is? Well, according to certain people, no one really cares about the second most person but, you wouldn’t want to ignore Cristiano Ronaldo, would you? Ronaldo, who plays in the Real Madrid team, has won the Ballon d’Or four times (Messi won it 5 times, fate much?). Being an old and extremely experienced footballer, he has scored 406 goals in only 394 matches.

The third on the list is Luis Suárez. A member of FC Barcelona, Suárez has scored 121 goals in 147 matches. Sure, he’s no less talented. Once, the winner of the Golden Boot and Footballer of the year (2014), Suárez has been accused to a number of things but he still maintains a wonderful record, far better than the other players.

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