Top 3 Best Programming Languages 2013

In the present life of software and IT, it’s best to educate yourself with some of the top programming languages to be able to be at the lead of the profession. Because there are a lot of active programs and modern applications being built constantly, it is quite perplexing to pick high paying coding languages. So here in this post you’ll see top 3 best and most preferred programming languages of 2013.

3. C#


C# is a spinoff of C and also C++ plus it is very much similar to Java. This coding language was brought to life by Microsoft within .NET programming. C# process .NET framework. Therefore, if you work with Microsoft for programming then you will need to understand the code for quick development. Even though C# works outstandingly with Microsoft windows, it is very occasionally seen in any other systems. The main benefits of C# language are its effective presentation in Windows and also its particular performance.

2. C++


Within this fast developing computer industry, C++ is definitely a leader, even though it will never be wiped out. C++ has been online from the year 1979 and provides a proper created system for development. This is usually a mixture of low-level along with higher level languages. Originating from a developer’s angle, understanding C++ can be extremely profitable. The prospects supplied by this particular language are truly considerable. You can use it to develop software systems, system applications, customer based software as well as a number of fun applications and this includes video games. C++ comes with a powerful starting for those who would like to learn Java. The primary power of C++ is its performance.

1. Java


Young generation programmers are likely to be amazed to see Java on top. And yet, despite having a large number of languages functioning presently, the 20 years old language Java still rules the industry. Java happens to be an object focused language and was created in the year 1990 by experts at Sun Microsystems. It is among the most important coding languages for those who function on systems besides Microsoft. This is usually a significant advancement in C++ and has now been seen as the very best language by the majority of the computer professionals. Java can actually be placed on top for the high paying development languages.

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  1. Well, if we talk about 2013 then JAVA must be best but if we talk about most popular programming languages of all time then it has to be C++, thanks to microsoft and other techies who worked for it.

  2. Ok had to revisit my post because I forgot the one language I program most in…, Shame on me!

    It’s called Purebasic, almost as fast as C++, has built-in commands for setting up Fullscreen DX, or OpenGL,

    Windows,Menus, Sprites, Music, Sound, 2D, 3D and compiles out to the smallest code of any other high level language I have used.
    Works on Windows, Linux and mac!

    But it cost ya some bucks to use it properly, they do have a demo so if anyone is interested, Check it out!!

    If you love to program, but hate all the set up other so called high level languages force on you, then this is what you have been looking for. couldn’t be simpler.

    And I can say you’ll never find one program Purebasic can not do.

    And it comes loaded with demo programs to show you just about everything you can do with it, hell languages have even been written in Purebasic its so fast!. The IDE its self is written in PB.

    So do yourself a favor, go check it out, sure it cost money, but that also means it gets updated all the time. free stuff is free for a reason, even those that are updated are hard to use.

    So try it!, buy it!!, and make that program/game you always wanted too!
    Peace out programmers!!

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