Top 3 Best Laptops to Buy in 2013

Regardless of precisely what kind of laptop you are looking for, the top 3 for 2013 contains several of the more impressive brands in the business. Obviously each customer definitely will search for something a wee bit different while buying, for this main reason the top 3 list for this kind of laptops might fluctuate a bit. However, these are a few of the bigger brands in the market, and also some of the favorite options as of the early quarter in 2013.

3. HP Envy 17

HP Envy 17

Along with a particular more in level, and much easier to use system, very integrated features, similarly on and also off line, makes Envy 17 the number three and must have laptop.

Buy HP Envy 17 Laptop

2. Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air

Really slimmer than the Pro, and also much lighter, this laptop is complete with few things for everyone. From graphics to the most recent applications, everyone definitely will take advantage of this great looking and also functioning notebook.

Buy Apple Macbook Air Laptop

1. Sony S Series

Sony S Series

Soon after having figured out and about early bugs all over the laptop marketplace, Sony has also created an incredibly good machine, for professionals, and also for those looking for a blast online, simply the same.

Buy Sony Vaio Laptop

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  1. no other laptop can even come close to macbook in quality and performance, but since sony viao laptops are also good and affordable, they are a good option.. I am really confused about buying a laptop for my son who is in a college.. so any help would be highly appreciated.. thanks..

  2. Thank you Najma for your input and I totally have to agree with you. I recently bought an apple macbook and I just can’t tell you how much satisfied I am with it. And one thing I know for sure is that I am never going back to using Windows after this. So if I were you I’d go for Apple macbook without really thinking much about it and trust me, in year 2013, only apple laptops are best.

  3. Just ordered a macbook air, hopefully will receive it within two days and I really think that macbook should have been on top because sony vaio laptop series just can’t be compared with any of the apple’s laptop.

  4. Sony Vaio and Macbook sounds great according to their price.. but don’t you think HP Envy 17 laptop is way too overpriced? I’d never go with that but there are many users these days who don’t prefer Mac and choose Windows, for those(like me) Sony Vaio series should be good.. I have checked local shops but Sony laptops there are overpriced so I think I’ll just buy one from Amazon.. and btw that above guy is right Apple’s macbook laptops are better than sony vaio laptops..

  5. @Rick and Kirti
    If you have already used macbook and mac OS then I understand what you guys are talking about, but still today there are many users who haven’t even tried Mac OS yet and they are extremely happy with Windows.. If we talk about hardware of Sony and Apple products then, yeah Apple could be best and even their OS mac is great.. but people simply don’t want to give it a try and they are happy with Windows.. that’s the probably reason Sony Vaio and other Windows computers are more preferred.. anyways, I agree with your point and good luck Kirti with buying one through internet.

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