Top 3 Best Horse Racing Events in the World

In last few years Horse Racing events have attained a lot of popularity as they provide a super set of fun to guests who come to watch the horse racing from different places around the world. Professional jockeys also do their best to make the event extremely amazing. At horse racing festivals you might also see some major businessmen as most of them have this weird hobby of betting and gambling on horse racing.

3. Dubai World Cup

Dubai World Cup

Every year Emirates Airline organizes this huge event described as “Dubai World Cup” which is situated in Medan Racecourse. There are 3 races every year which starts in November of every year and ends by the March of next year. They name it as three different racing events which are “Racing at Medan”, “Dubai World Cup Race” and “Dubai World Carnival”. The very initial race of Dubai World Cup was presented in 1996. And for your information at this event you don’t only get to see horse racing, but there are also many more events for fashion and joy. The most attractive and famous thing about Dubai World Cup is that there are many fastest horses from different places around the world. And winner gets the prize money of 10 million US dollars.

2. The Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot event is hosted every year by Ascot Racecourse which is one of most popular festivals for Royals around the world and especially for Royals from England. This event meeting goes on for five days continuously and everyday it starts with the arrival of Queen. They have a strict formal dress code for this event meeting which is suit and top hats for Royals. This event is visited by more than 300k people every year and as usual they are all observed enjoying the horse racing. Prize money for the winner in this race is 3 million euros and additionally a Gold cup.

1. Melbourne Cup Festival

Melbourne Cup Festival

When we talk about the world’s most remarkable horse racing events, the Melbourne Cup event has to always on the top. This event was first started in 1861 and always been in trend till now. It starts in the month of November every year at Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne, Victoria. There are more than 500k viewers around the world to watch the most interesting horse racing in world. Prize money in this race is 6 million US dollars and additionally a gold trophy worth 125k US dollars.

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