Top 3 Best Browsers for Android in 2013

Nowadays, mobile phones aren’t only useful for contacting your friends and family, but in addition for using the internet. Along with the creation of Android OS browsing throughout the smartphone turned out to be even more common. Android OS tablets can also be used in same manner. However the question at this point is that, which is the best browser for Android OS? Since Android has arrived recently, very few individuals are familiar with complexness of this OS. So here in this post we’re going to reveal top 3 best browsers for Android OS in 2013 and I am sure it would be very helpful for people who are planning to buy a new Android device just to surf the web.

3. Google Chrome Beta

Google Chrome Android Browser

Google Chrome is certainly a most preferred browser for desktops. However, in Android OS devices even Google Chrome (Android version) doesn’t work as it was expected. This really is mostly because that Google Chrome doesn’t provide flash player. Other than that Google Chrome browser operates perfectly and gives an amazing speed. Handling the tabs is usually the simplest in this web browser. However it doesn’t offer any choice to request for PC version of any blog or website.

2. Opera Mobile

Opera Mobile Android Browser

Opera mobile web browser is among the top internet browsers for mobile users around the world. Certainly one of the unique options of this web browser is Opera Turbo. When asking for data, Opera Turbo running on browser will pack the data and then folded type of the data is loaded on your Android device. So when your websites are loading in folded form, it is clear that speed will improve strongly. The opera mobile internet browser will also support flash which means you will never face any difficulty with web sites which use flash.

1. Dolphin

Dolphin Android Browser

Dolphin Browser is surely unbeatable when we talk about browsers for Android OS. Exactly what renders this particular web browser stand out is truly its simplicity of scrolling. Hardly any other browser offers a scrolling like Dolphin web browser does. Furthermore, sites are usually opened in a fastest speed you could ever imagine. It will not believe your vision once you see sites opening at such increased speed on your device. There are many extensions designed for Dolphin web browser that are acquired from Google Play Store. If you use just about any other browser on your android device, you need to check Dolphin web browser now and I am quite sure you’ll simply love it.

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Comments 6

  1. been using opera mobile for few years now, never had any issue with speed or anything else… so that is certainly the best one for me, but recently i tried installing firefox for android and that wasn’t bad either.. just thought you missed firefox.. anyways will try dolphin soon! thanks.

  2. Hi, I don’t think the Dolphin Browser is really that good. Some pages are just opened with no graphic, not even as a mobile web page. It just looks like a word document, whereas other browsers open them in mobile web pages…
    One thing I think annoying is, that with android browsers, you need to push a lot of bottoms to open the bookmarks. In IOS Safari, the bookmark button is on the main page…

  3. I totally agree with Ben and I seriously have no idea why this never heard browser named Dolphin or Shark is on the top in list of best android browsers of 2013? Well, let me tell you one thing! there are only 3 major browsers which can be reliable and trusted. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera Mini.

  4. I am surprised to see that there is no Mozilla Firefox in the list of best browsers for android.. well, whoever wrote this post just go and try the new beta version for firefox in android which was released lately in 2013 and believe me, you’ll change the list and keep only 1 browser for android which is Mozilla Firefox.. Other than that, chrome is okay, but remove those fishy browsers like opera and dolphin..

  5. Thanks Alex for your input, will surely try that new version of firefox.. but right now my android device is not with me.. so why don’t you tell us more about it or simply review it and give us link..

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