Top 3 Best Alternatives to Skype in 2013

Skype is the best video and audio chatting software right now and it was recently purchased by Microsoft. It was first released in 2003 and today millions of people use it on daily basis for audio, video or even text chat. They have about 800 million registered users and this software supports almost every operating system including Mac, Linux, etc. It has many features now compared to older version and with Skype you can even call on phones around the world, but that is not available for free. Anyways, the only thing I don’t like about Skype is that it is extremely heavy software and these days there are many ads popping up into Skype. So in case you are annoyed with this stuff then it’s time for you to look for best alternatives to Skype.

3. Windows Live Messenger


Other than Skype, Windows Live Messenger also known as MSN is also owned by Microsoft and is one of the oldest internet chatting platforms. I know their old version was really buggy and very much messed up but now they offer great features and you can easily find your friends from other online services such as Gmail, LinkedIn or Facebook. You don’t have to go add each of your friends manually; MSN does this all for you just in one click. There are also many themes of different colors and you can personalize it exactly how you want. Best thing about this messenger is their emotions which help you to express your moods and there is also option to import your emotions from various themes.

2. Yahoo Messenger


Well, which internet user hasn’t used Yahoo Messenger? It is a way too old chatting platform but still favorite of many individuals around the world. It also offer many great features like emotions, voice chat, text chat, video calling, photo sharing and best of all and exclusive feature they offer is their chat rooms. You can download it for free and start using it with your Yahoo email account. Like MSN, YM also allows you to import your contacts from services like Facebook and Gmail. You can also set your custom message in status box and the great feature of Yahoo Messenger is still the exclusive BUZZZ.

1. Gtalk


Gtalk is definitely the most reliable and smooth chatting software and it offers you smooth audio and video chat too. Other things you can easily do on Gtalk are sharing files, send private messages and also create conference with multiple people at a time. This software is also available on Google’s few other services like Orkut, Gmail, etc. and they don’t really force you to download it like other messengers. With Gtalk’s video calling feature you can even make the screen full size and it appears like the person you are talking to is sitting in front of you. A totally reliable and free to use software which is very much smoother compared to other similar services and can even run on computers with low speed.

So now you know which are the best and reliable alternatives to Skype to use on your Windows computer and if in case you are looking for some good chatting applications for Android then you can read that in my previous post.

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