Top 3 Most Expensive Flowers in the World

I am sure you already know that there are only few days left for Valentines Day. The most loved gift on this day is definitely a bouquet of flower or at least a piece of flower. Of course there are women who prefer expensive gifts other than just a nature object. There are many ways you could get a beautiful flower for your loved one, most preferred way is to simply buy from local store or you could also pick it from garden or just order flowers online. There are also many expensive flowers you could get for your loved one and its prices are set according to its peculiarity and seasons. Anyways, in this post we’re going to discuss about the most expensive flowers in the world which can be pretty much expensive due to the time it requires for harvesting and also because of seasons.

3) Shenzhen Nongke Orchids


In case you really like flowers then getting a little bit of it is really worth your gallery because of its inflated price of 200k dollars. It might appear as the most common kind of orchidaceous plant, however this kind of flower was actually sold at a auction sale carried out in China and a team of researchers developed it for eight years and that is exactly what made it costly and it was sold to an anonymous in the year 2005 for 200k US dollars.

2) Juliet Rose


This particular flower took about 15 years to become a full grown flower and is the only of its kind flower in the world. It was grown by David Austin and he claims that this kind of flower can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. In the year 2006, at Chelsea Flower Show it was priced at around $6 million where it was revealed for the first time. This flower was overpriced not just because of its uniqueness but the time it took to develop.

1) Kadapul Flower


This one is definitely the priceless flower in the world because of its scent which is extremely pleasing. Actually, there is not any certain quantity of this type of specie plus it has very short life time and it only grows in Sri Lanka. As opposed to various other flowers that you can buy in flower parks and stores, this one particular merely can last for couple of hours and it also only blossoms at night enabling you to feel its pleasing scent. You can’t find it rising at any place, however it is generally found at unseen places.

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