Top 3 Greatest Swimmers in the World

Top 3 Greatest Swimmers in the World

Swimming produces a significant passion in the sports admirers and it is not considerably a wealthy occupation. It is really not a profitable occupation comparable to other sports but once the moment of athletic contests lots of people look forward to the swimming final results and also wishes their country athletes to win. Basically there are many opportunities for swimmers to win gold medals during Olympics. So here we going to show the best and greatest swimmers of all time in the world, and I am sure you’re going to this post if you are a swimming fan.

3. Ian Thorpe


Ian Thorpe is regarded as a retired Aussie race swimmer. He could be the initial individual who won 6 gold medals in World Championship and about 5 gold medals in Olympics. Overall he has won 11 gold medals from top notch swimming competitions around the world. He also holds the title of Best Australian swimmer and was the best swimmer in the world during 1999-2003.

2. Michael Phelps


Michael Phelps is among the very best American swimmers at this time. He showed his abilities and talent in order to become popular as a superstar in swimming industry. He took over as the youngest record holder in the year 2000 at age of fifteen when he cracked the record in two hundred meter Butterfly game. He holds more than 4 world records right now and according to me, he is the legend of swimming in the world.

1. Mark Spitz


Mark Spitz who was mostly known as "Mark the Shark" was an American swimmer. He grabbed about 7 gold medals in Olympics of 1972 and was the record until Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals in 2008 Olympic Games. During his days he made more than 30 world records and was given the title of Best Swimmer in the World in early 70s.