Top 3 Best Programming Languages 2013

In the present life of software and IT, it’s best to educate yourself with some of the top programming languages to be able to be at the lead of the profession. Because there are a lot of active programs and modern applications being built constantly, it is quite perplexing to pick high paying coding languages. So here in this post you’ll see top 3 best and most preferred programming languages of 2013.

3. C#


C# is a spinoff of C and also C++ plus it is very much similar to Java. This coding language was brought to life by Microsoft within .NET programming. C# process .NET framework. Therefore, if you work with Microsoft for programming then you will need to understand the code for quick development. Even though C# works outstandingly with Microsoft windows, it is very occasionally seen in any other systems. The main benefits of C# language are its effective presentation in Windows and also its particular performance.

2. C++


Within this fast developing computer industry, C++ is definitely a leader, even though it will never be wiped out. C++ has been online from the year 1979 and provides a proper created system for development. This is usually a mixture of low-level along with higher level languages. Originating from a developer’s angle, understanding C++ can be extremely profitable. The prospects supplied by this particular language are truly considerable. You can use it to develop software systems, system applications, customer based software as well as a number of fun applications and this includes video games. C++ comes with a powerful starting for those who would like to learn Java. The primary power of C++ is its performance.

1. Java


Young generation programmers are likely to be amazed to see Java on top. And yet, despite having a large number of languages functioning presently, the 20 years old language Java still rules the industry. Java happens to be an object focused language and was created in the year 1990 by experts at Sun Microsystems. It is among the most important coding languages for those who function on systems besides Microsoft. This is usually a significant advancement in C++ and has now been seen as the very best language by the majority of the computer professionals. Java can actually be placed on top for the high paying development languages.


  1. Tim says

    Well, if we talk about 2013 then JAVA must be best but if we talk about most popular programming languages of all time then it has to be C++, thanks to microsoft and other techies who worked for it.

  2. ken says

    Ok, these are not the BEST, these are the most used, because we are in an industry that hates change. there are way better programming languages out there. and way easier to use, but for sure, these are the ones you use if you want a boring job at Microsoft or some other large company, if you are looking to program something yourself, and i do mean, all by yourself, well good luck with any of these sorry, over bloated languages!.

    Oh and you better get your cut and paste keys ready to search the internet so you can steal, I mean fork some code. cause you’ll need it.

    But if you want to program on your own, and I mean by yourself, then get AGK (for cell phones, tablets and PCs),

    Blitzbasic 3D or Blitzplus (which is now free),

    DarkBasic Pro (also free now),

    Flashdevelop (harder than basic but cool).

    If you follow this pages advice, I hope you have extra hair to pull out, because you’ll go batsh*t crazy working with any of the ones mentioned in this article!.

    Oh and before one of you dinks throw out what what I have just wrote , show me some programming code, you have written , by yourself, that is not a “hello world” in either C++ or C#, bet you cant!

    Oh and as for Java, its a damn joke languages, so overbearing that most programmers do just cut and paste code from other sources to get anything done in it!

  3. ken says

    Ok had to revisit my post because I forgot the one language I program most in…, Shame on me!

    It’s called Purebasic, almost as fast as C++, has built-in commands for setting up Fullscreen DX, or OpenGL,

    Windows,Menus, Sprites, Music, Sound, 2D, 3D and compiles out to the smallest code of any other high level language I have used.
    Works on Windows, Linux and mac!

    But it cost ya some bucks to use it properly, they do have a demo so if anyone is interested, Check it out!!

    If you love to program, but hate all the set up other so called high level languages force on you, then this is what you have been looking for. couldn’t be simpler.

    And I can say you’ll never find one program Purebasic can not do.

    And it comes loaded with demo programs to show you just about everything you can do with it, hell languages have even been written in Purebasic its so fast!. The IDE its self is written in PB.

    So do yourself a favor, go check it out, sure it cost money, but that also means it gets updated all the time. free stuff is free for a reason, even those that are updated are hard to use.

    So try it!, buy it!!, and make that program/game you always wanted too!
    Peace out programmers!!

  4. Tony says

    The top three languages are Java, C#, and Ruby. Ruby on Rails and Java tend to be the premier open source languages while C# dominates anything corp-related.

    Ken honestly doesn’t know what he/she is talking about. It is people like Ken who misguide young engineers in the field of software development.

  5. ken says

    No, those are the top languages used by companies to program boring assed apps, Not the ones that most Shareware programmers develop in.

    Sure if your gonna work for Microsoft, or Google, Or Apple, you better learn C++, and some of those others too, But if your gonna go rogue. And by rogue I mean program stuff on your own. Then Stick with something simpler, like Basic, Or python, or even Flash, with flashdevelop.

    Oh and yes I do know what I am talking about Anthony, I have been programming shareware games since the mid 1980s.

    Oh and as for OOP being the great savor of the programming industry. Studies now show most programmers struggle when trying to track down bugs in, C#, ActionScript and other so called great OOP languages. Classes that must interact with each other sometimes do not show directly where the problem lies.

    With a Procedural language, that calls Procedures, (like most basics these days) its easier to track down which procedure is causing the problem.

    Oh and before you tell me I dont know what I am talking about, show me any code link to anything you have done in any OOP language that does more than say “hello world”!.

  6. ken says

    These may be the three top Languages in the corporate world, which I Highly doubt… Java is being used less and less in favor of the old standard C++. C# is slow, and when I say slow, I mean compared to C++. like a VW beetle racing a Mustang. Look, if you, and I mean any independent programmer are going to go it alone with any of these, then you better get yourself about 50 books based on each of these languages. They are OOP based, which I’m sure Tony just thinks is the bees knees. And tracing errors in OOP code is a freaking nightmare. C++ being the easiest to work with on your own. None of them comes with any libraries for doing anything graphical. You want an animated guy running naked acrossed your screen? well who doesnt, jk. but with all of these languages, better run out and find a library that does that (graphics and animation), and while you’re at it, better get a sound library, and a control pad routine, and a internet interface routine and..and..and..

    Guys like Tony will have you believe that these three languages are sent down from heaven to solve all your programming needs. bullshit!!!

    Oh and this is my fouth post, I challanged Tony to show me any code he had written in my third that wasnt a “Hello World” class, either it didnt post the day i clicked submit or Someone at this site didnt like me telling the truth.

    Look I’ve been coding since the mid 80′s. I’ve seen plenty of programmers sing the praise of OOP. Its bull. Google,” why OOP sucks”, you’ll see study after study showing that OOP its harder to program in than any procedural based language, which is what C started out as, procedural.

    So inclosing, program in what you are most comfortable with and what will get the job done. For me, it has been and always will be procedural languages, and yes, I have used OOP languages. I can do more in lets say, Purebasic, in two minutes than Tony can do in a half an hour with C++,C#, or Java.

    I’ve sold programs in procedural languages, what have you sold, ANTHONY??

  7. power says

    can anyone help me with this? i have finished my 10th class.
    i want to take computer science for my next they are asking me to select c++ or python language. iam not aware of programming im extremely new can any one help me which is best programming language and which will be helpful in later career (and more income too) thanks in advance

  8. Jason King says

    BASIC is the best programming language. It can do anything, only your imagination is the limit. To hell with all this OOP crap. For non-functional programs, function libraries = reusability. KISS is the best rule. Too many sheep being led by geeks.

  9. Petec says

    Speaking as someone that wrote his first program in 1966 and went on to manage projects with 50 to 60 or more software engineers, we are comparing apples to oranges.

    Small one person projects to large team efforts. A simple language that lets you do anything is great for one person. They can create, mortify, and update easily.

    But with a large project, trying to maintain and update over many years with changing staff, you have to have a lot of structure like 00P gives you.

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