Top 3 Best Laptops for College Students in 2013

Nowadays, college students studying in better colleges and schools no longer can do without having laptop. Most especially, in case you are surviving in hostel, notebook turns into a requirement. Not just for entertainment purpose, but also for educational purpose as laptops are really easy to carry. No matter if you need to finish a project or maybe you just want to sit back and watch an appropriate film, laptop can always fulfill whatever you want. This blog post is surely going to help college students who are planning to buy a laptop because here you’ll see top 3 most preferred and best laptops for college students in 2013.

3. Toshiba Satellite

Toshiba Satellite Student Laptop

When dealing with purchasing notebook for college students, adults clearly want a thing that will give them a fantastic practice which is value of the price that they will be investing. The 15.6 inches tall LED screen of laptop is efficient at display. Furthermore, the 640GB hard drive makes sure that the notebook is useful when you need to stock a huge number of songs and movies.

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2. Dell Inspiron SE

Dell Inspiron SE Student Laptop

Indeed there had been a time when XPS series by Dell was actually the most common one. However at this point, they have brought a brand new notebook within the Inspiron series which has established itself far better than XPS series. The style is completely different and also the third generation i5 chip as well as AMD Radeon High Definition visual allows it to be a lot more fascinating. Dell Inspiron SE is usually loaded with Waves Maxx Digital Audio 4.

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1. Lenovo IdeaPad

Lenovo IdeaPad Student Laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad comes with everything that a college student will want, a strong Intel core-i5 chip clocked at 2.5GHz, fifteen inches screen, 750GB of hard drive, 6GB RAM and many more fascinating features. Additionally, Lenovo IdeaPad comes with improved audio system by Dolby, so you can have pleasant experience with hearing music and enjoying movies too. Some other benefits added in this laptop are VeriFace face recognition so no one in your room can use your very own notebook while you aren’t there and of course many more outstanding features.

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